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The Easy Way to Get an Awning for Your Home

The Easy Way to Get an Awning for Your Home - Maye Crane

My family has needed a covering over our porch for some time. We love to sit outside and eat dinner, or go for a swim in our pool, but sitting out in the hot sun could be downright unbearable at times. It is just too hot to be trying to eat BBQ’d food when the humidity feels like you are breathing in the swimming pool and the heat is so oppressive you just can’t stand to be outside.

This is why I turned to adding an awning to my home to give some relief on those blistering hot days.

I am kind of a do it yourself person, so all I had to do was to go to a store where awnings montreal could be found. The person at the store was very helpful. I had measured the length I needed, and he explained that I could choose one that was already premade, or they would even cut custom for me. I did not need custom.

We went through the material options they had available. There are many different kinds that not only offer greater protection from the sun, but some are more translucent allowing sun light to come through. I did not want that at all.

There are also different kinds of cranking mechanisms. I could get a hand operated one that allowed me to manually crank the handle to pull the awning back in or to release it out. I wanted a little fancier one so I chose one that was on a motor. All I had to do was push a button and the awning would extend or retract. It even allowed me to let it go a half or three-quarters of the way out if that was all I needed. I loved that one for sure.

I went home to get ready to put it up. The instructions were pretty simple and the guy at the store even offered that if I had questions I could call and he would help me out. I, fortunately, did not have one, but he had told me that many had issues and he was happy to advise them.

In a few hours it was all up and totally operational. No doubt that it has changed my experiences on my deck now. No more making my family and I suffer under the sweltering heat. Life is truly great.


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